Black sesame peanut brittle 黑芝麻花生糖



As Chinese New Year is just less than 30 days away, I am in the mood to make some Chinese New Year treats for the celebration. A Chinese New Year treat are normally sweet, which symbolize a sweet and happy year ahead.


I made a batch of this Black sesame peanut brittles, similar to the Peanut Sesame Chikki that I have made before.




这款黑芝麻花生糖和我之前做过的花生芝麻糖 类似,只是用了冰糖来做,口感更脆,色泽也更好看。



150 g Black Sesame Seeds (Bake/toast until half cooked)

100 g Peanuts (Roasted/skinned)

100 g Rock sugar/Jaggery/Palm Sugar

100 g White Sugar

1 tbsp Cooking oil/Coconut oil


150 克 黑芝麻 (烤/炒半熟)

100 克 花生仁 (烤/炒熟去皮)

100 克 冰糖

100 克 白糖

1 大勺 食油/椰油





1. Combine sesame seeds and peanuts in a big bowl. Set aside. Measure out the sugars.


Note: Helping to remove peanut skin is a very good activity for a restless toddler!


2. Place 1 tbsp of oil/coconut oil with the sugar in a cookware, cook at medium heat until sugar dissolved, takes about 15 minutes.


3. Check the readiness of sugar syrup by observing the bubbles of the syrup, the bubbles will first show big bubbles and slowly it reduces to smaller tiny bubbles.


4. At this point, prepare a bowl of water and drop a few drops of the syrup into the water, the syrup should immediately turn into candy. If it is still soft once dropped into water, you need to cook a little more.


5. Once the syrup is ready, add the sesame seeds and peanuts in and quickly stir to combine.


6. Pour everything onto a silicon baking mat, cover with a piece of parchment paper and quickly roll it into 5-6 mm in thickness. Cut the brittle into your preferred shape before it is hardened but cold enough to work on.


1. 把花生和芝麻混匀,糖和冰糖称好混匀。

注: 去花生红衣和捡花生这么繁重的任务就让家里的小劳动力效劳效劳吧!

2. 锅里加入1大勺食油/椰油,冰糖和糖,中火煮溶。然后开始观察糖浆的泡泡,泡泡还比较大而且糖浆比较稀的时候可以不管它,让它继续熬。


3. 当糖浆煮滚时的泡泡逐渐变得细小且颜色开始变焦糖色的时候, 取一碗凉水,把几滴糖浆滴入水里。如果糖浆马上变硬脆,那表示糖浆熬好了。如果糖浆入水后还是比较软的,那就还需要继续熬。


4. 糖浆熬好后把芝麻花生倒入快速翻匀,然后倒到一个耐热的容器或硅胶垫上。盖上烘焙纸,用擀面杖擀成5-6毫米厚。不烫手时切成自己喜欢的形状冷却即可。

Store in airtight container.






花生莲藕猪骨汤 Lotus Root and Peanut Soup


Lotus Root and Peanut Soup is a very common soup enjoyed by many back home. Lotus root combined with peanuts is believed to be very nutritious and have all kinds of health benefits especially in winter season.




中医认为藕性寒、味甘,是一款冬令进补的保健食品,既可食用,又可药用。 生食能凉血散淤,熟食能补心益肾,可以补五脏之虚,强壮筋骨,滋阴养血。同时还能利尿通便,帮助排泄体内的废物和毒素。对于肝病、便秘、糖尿病等一切有虚弱之症的人十分有益,对于淤血、吐血、衄血、尿血、便血的人以及产妇极为适合。不过因为藕性偏凉,故产妇不宜过早食用,一般产后1-2周后再吃藕为好。





500 g of Lotus Roots

150 g Raw peanuts (Soak in water for 10 minutes)

450 g of Pork Ribs/ Soup bones

1 small piece of dried cuttlefish (Clean and cut into 2 inch in length) or a handful of dried mussels

Salt to taste



500 克 的 莲藕

150克 花生 (泡水10分钟)

450 克 排骨/汤骨

1 小块的 鱿鱼干 或 一把的旺菜

适量 食盐





1. Clean and peel the lotus root/s and cut into big chunks. Clean and soak peanuts. Cut and clean cuttlefish/dried mussels.


2. Wash and blanched the ribs or soup bones, run the bones under cold water until the water runs clear.


3. Place all the ingredients in a pot with 1.5 litres of water and bring to boil, turn to medium low and continue cooking for 1.5-2 hours. Season with salt and serve warm.


1. 把莲藕削皮洗净后且滚刀块。花生洗净泡个十分钟。把鱿鱼干和旺菜洗净备用。


2. 把汤骨/排骨洗净后煮滚半锅水,把排骨入锅汆烫后取出洗净。


3. 把所有的材料和1.5升的水放到一口锅里,大伙煮滚后转中小火煮1.5-2个小时。加盐调味即可。